As our lives begin to look more and more like the space-age homes of The Jetson’s, home automation systems are some of the key technologies helping to move us into this modern age. What was once considered futuristic and far off in terms of technology is now a very real and convenient market which is beginning to flourish.

With quite a few new contenders to the home automation market, it can be tough to separate the good from the bad. Here are a few of our top picks for best home automation systems on 2016 and how each of these amazing devices can bring modern convenience to your home.

Amazon Echo

As the current frontrunner for best home automation device that provides an all-round entertainment and convenience hub, the Amazon Echo is the smartest choice you can make. This ingenious wireless speaker acts as a centerpiece for your home which can control pretty much anything you want it to.

Amazon Echo Always Ready, Connected and Fast

One of the best things about the Echo is its ability to constantly learn and grow with you. This device has new systems added to it all the time which improve its functionality, such as Uber and Domino’s which allow you to order pizzas and cabs with a simple voice command.

Other notable features of the Amazon Echo include weather updates, traffic reports, an eBook reader, and more, all accessible with the handy voice recognition system, Alexa. This device is truly futuristic and even comes equipped with its very own personality.

Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion

This revolutionary product is set to change the way we control our home electronics, acting as a focal command point for all items in your house. The Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion features a simple plug-in installation which then connects to anything that plugs in around your home, such as your television or coffee machine, and gives you access from your smartphone or computer.

Belkin Wemo Switch and Motion Sensor

The design of the Belkin personifies what home automation revolution is about, creating simplicity and convenience in modern times. When things should be getting more complicated, compact devices like these help to bring them all together and make your life so much easier to control.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Although there are quite a few home automation thermostats on the market, the Nest Learning Thermostat continues to be the frontrunner. Now in its third generation, the bugs which once plagued this nifty device are slowly being ironed out.

Nest Learning Thermostat Design

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a heating and cooling system that relies on sensors and other technologies to give you the ideal temperature in your home. You can control the settings when you’re not there, too, and save yourself a ton of money on energy costs in the process. This huge innovation is good for the environment and brings your house to its most comfortable level ever.

August Smart Lock

One of the biggest areas of interest in home automation, and with good cause, is the home security market. The August Smart Lock has proven itself to be a clear winner in terms of convenience and safety offered, making it the best pick for security home automation device.

With the August Smart Lock, you can retrofit the device to any existing deadlock on your home and give it an added layer of security. The lock can be controlled remotely giving you access to your house even when you’re not there, and notifications will alert you of any unusual behavior.

August Smart Lock in Use and App on Mobile Device

Smart home devices built for safety are set to bring crime rates down, making it virtually impossible for anyone to enter your home without you knowing. These devices are great for holidaymakers, or just those who want added protection when they’re not around.

The Verdict

While the home automation industry is still relatively new, we’re seeing amazing updates being made to the software and technology constantly. Although some of these products are still in their first or second generation phase, they signal huge things to come for smart home devices in the future.

Countries such as India are now experimenting with fully automated homes built from the ground up, and we may not be far behind. Whether you want to go all out and have a home automation device to meet each of your security, entertainment, and temperature needs, or just want to focus on one area, there’s no denying how convenient these simple devices are.