With so many great accessories for the Amazon Echo, it’s tough to figure out what to get.

In this guide, I’ve selected the best Amazon Alexa accessories in each category for your Echo and for your smart home.

The best smart lights, the best smart plug, the best Echo battery and so on.

Alright, let’s get right to it. Here’s a table for quick reference (you can read the full reviews under the table below)...

Amazon Echo Compatible Devices:

1. Lifx Wi-Fi LED - Best Smart Bulb For Echo

There are a couple reasons that I chose these lights over their competitors.

First, you don’t need an extra hub to get them to work.

With some of the other smart lights, you will have to connect the hub to your network and run all of your commands through the extra hardware.

The Lifx LED Multi-Color Bulb is an easy to setup and use smart light that has millions of colors and shades that add a real “coolness” factor to your home.


Some have said that they have a hard time pairing these or that the bulbs break.

I have had no such problem. They pair up easily and I haven’t lost the connection yet.

Second, with the Lifx you can change colors easily through the Amazon Echo.

With other smart lights, you have to set it up through IFTTT (an Internet app used for smart devices).

I’ve had this setup in the past and it was really not great.

I had to say “Alexa trigger blue” and then wait….

And wait……

And wait…

Not so with Lifx. You say “Alexa tell Lifx to turn the bedroom light red” and it’s done immediately.

You can also set these to run in any routine that you might have set up through a hub or services like Stringify.

Be aware that these bulbs are a bit on the large side. That means that it might not fit all light sockets. If you have a smaller enclosure like on an overhead light then it might not fit.

This is an awesome light bulb.The installation process is simple and easy. A special hub is NOT required. You can change it to one of the millions of different colors easily with the Amazon Echo.


  • Simple Setup (No Hub Required)
  • Change Colors Easily W/ Amazon Echo
  • Allows For Easy Dimming Of Lights


  • A Bit Large (Might Not Fit All Light Sockets)
  • 2.4 Ghz Only (Not On Faster 5 Ghz Network)

2. Tp-Link Mini - Best Smart Plug For Echo

With it’s new, compact design, the TP-Link Mini Smart plug gets my vote for the best smart wall adapter.

Smart plugs can turn many household electronics into smart appliances.

The obvious one is lights but there are many more possibilities as well.

For example, if you have a coffee maker with an old school on/off switch you can tell Alexa to make you a cup of coffee.

You can also turn on and off a fan or wall A/C unit with your voice.

If you want to get fancy, you can plug it into a curling iron and have it turn off automatically when your smartphone is out of range to prevent a fire.

I have a friend that has it hooked up to a train set that runs around his son’s play room so his kid can turn it on and off with his voice. Very cool!

What’s great about the new TP-Link Mini is that you can now plug two of them into one outlet.

Before they were so big that you could only get one per outlet. Now you could, for example, plug in a coffee maker and a crock pot into the same outlet.

The downside is that it won’t track electrical usage like the Wemo Insight. If that’s a concern then you might want to go with that instead.

This is the easiest and fastest way to turn your home into a "Smart Home". It has many capabilities from turning on and off electronics to turning on lights when you're away from home to scare off burglars.


  • Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home
  • Small Compact Design (Can Plug In Two Per Outlet)


  • Can't Track Power Usage
  • No Dimming Capability

3. EcoBee3 - Best Smart Thermostat For Echo

There are two main competitors in the smart home thermostat space.

Nest and Ecobee.

The reason I chose the Ecobee over the Nest was because of the innovative way it cools and heats your house.

With the Ecobee you set up room sensors that track which room you are in.

With that information, the Ecobee sets the temperature to your current location.

That means that if you are in an upstairs bedroom you will no longer have to worry about it being blazing hot in the winter while the downstairs is at a comfortable temperature.

This is a real game changer because not only will you be more comfortable, you will also save a ton on electricity. Up to 23% in some tests!

You can also easily control it from your Amazon Echo. As a matter of fact, Amazon has even invested its own capital in this company.

Anyhow, here are some popular commands…

“Alexa what is the temperature in the master bedroom”
“Alexa turn up the temperature by 5 degrees”
“Alexa turn the temperature to 70 degrees in the kid's room”
“Alexa cool down the living room”
“Alexa heat up the upstairs office”

The downside is that the installation is a bit more difficult than the Nest. Also, you can sometimes lose connection with the sensors. Not a big deal because it will automatically reconnect but just be aware.

All in all, this is a superior product to the Nest learning thermostat. Highly rated and the room sensors create a comfortable temperature in whatever room you're in.


  • Set Temperature In Any Room
  • Direct Easy Echo Integration
  • Save Up To 23% In Electricity


  • Harder Installation
  • Sensors Sometimes Lose Connection

4. August - Best Smart Door Lock For Echo

The August Door Lock is Soooo Cool.

I love this thing!

You connect it to your already installed deadbolt and you can now lock and unlock your door with the Amazon Echo.

Not only can you let someone in without having to go to the door, but there are a lot of really cool remote features as well.

For example, if you want to give handyman a temporary key to get into your house when you’re not there then you can set it up and send it to them electronically. They can then just use their smartphone to let themselves in.

I also really like the geofence feature that detects when your smartphone is in range and lets you in.

It can be a little unreliable sometimes but it works about 90% of the time.

There are a lot more really cool things you can do but one last thing I’ll mention is that you can get alerts when your kids or spouse get home. That will relieve many worries when you’re at the office.

The Smart Lock is an awesome upgrade to your smart home. Especially if you always forget if you locked the front door 🙂 You can see when your kids or spouse get home and easily give virtual keys to handymen or friends that need quick access to your house.


  • Lock & Unlock Your Door W/ Alexa
  • See When Your Kids Or Spouse Get Home
  • Give Out Virtual Keys


  • Auto-Unlock Sometimes Unreliable

5. Abode - Best Smart Security System For Echo

Security is another area that home automation with the Amazon Echo really shines.

I reviewed Abode a few months ago and at that time it didn’t directly integrate with the Amazon Echo.

You had to use a bunch of IFTTT commands to get it to work and there was always that lag that comes with using a 3rd party service.

Now it directly integrates… and it’s awesome!

At its core it’s a security system. You install door and window sensors and if you have a break-in, an alarm sounds and the system notifies you.

You can then call the police.

They also have a professional monitoring service that you can sign up for.

Unlike many other services where you have to sign long (sometimes up to 3 years) contracts, with Abode, you can sign up for as little as one week.

That’s great for short family vacations.

Not only is it a security system in the true sense of the word, it also can control many smart home functions like locking and unlocking doors (if you have smart locks) because it is also a smart home hub.

With Echo Integration you can also arm and disarm the system (with a pin) and you can even tell it to call the police or send it into panic mode.

The only downside is that it doesn’t come with any cameras but you can get something like Arlo Smart Cameras to further expand your security system.

Easy setup, shouldn't take you too long. Adds a panic mode to your Amazon Echo for emergencies. It doubles as a smart home hub that you can run routines like arming and locking the door at the same time (with additional smart lock).


  • Easy Echo Integraton
  • Also A Smart Home Hub
  • Short Term Professional Monitoring Available


  • No Cameras
  • Runs Out Of Stock Frequently

6. Ring - Best Smart Doorbell For Echo

If you’re just looking for a simple entry into the smart home security world then check out the Ring video doorbell camera.

You can’t call the police or anything like that with it but it will give you a view of the front door from where ever you happen to be.

With its ability to stream to your smartphone, you can see who’s there day or night with the live video feed.

It’s equipped with an infrared camera with night vision so you can see what’s going on at night.

It also has an intercom so if you aren’t home you can make it look like you are by answering remotely with your phone.

The one downside is that there is no direct Echo Integration yet so you will need a hub or use IFTTT to use its features with Alexa.

I didn’t want to leave this awesome product off the list because of the lack of support. After all, it has 17,000 reviews on amazon.

A simple entry into smart home security. You can easily see who's at the front door remotely. It also comes with an intercom system so you can talk to whoever is there from your smartphone.


  • See Who's At The Door Remotely
  • Night Vision
  • Two Way Intercom


  • No Direct Echo Integration

7. Harmony Hub - Best Entertainment Hub For Echo

There are many smart home hubs on the market that allow you to connect and create routines for many devices.

We chose the Harmony hub for one reason...

All those other hubs can’t control your TV through the Echo.

With the Harmony hub, you can turn on the TV and change the channel.

You can also set up routines such as “TV Time” where you turn on the TV, dim your smart lights, and close your smart blinds.

Not only is it good for entertainment but you can also, for example,  create a morning routine where it will turn on your lights at a certain time and turn on your coffee maker (additional equipment required).

It is a very versatile hub and the only one that can turn on your television because it has an IR blaster.

You can also use your smartphone as a remote. I personally don’t like to use my phone to control my TV because I like the feel of a real remote but some of my friends love it.

It has direct Echo integration. I personally haven’t had any problems with it but some other reviewers have had issues with the response.

I can’t say for sure why but maybe they have an inferior network setup??

Like I said before, I’m not the hugest fan of IFTTT but it is another option for connectivity if there are problems.

I’m sticking with this pick here because there is no other option at the moment to control your TV with the Echo. Maybe in the future, they’ll expand the capabilities of the Amazon Fire TV to include TV voice control through Alexa.

All in all a versatile hub that allows you to control the TV with your voice through the Echo. Comes in handy if you have kids. Also allows you to control many other smart home devices and create routines.


  • Control TV W/ Voice (Echo Required)
  • Create Routines For Other Smart Home Devices


  • May Have To Use IFTTT

Here are what you would consider "traditional" accessories for the Amazon Echo...

Amazon Echo Accessories

Alexa Voice Remote - For Amazon Echo

I really like my Echo remote for a couple of reasons.

First, I have it stuck to my fridge with a couple of powerful magnets so I can control my lights and send reminders to my Echo without having to yell REALLY loud when I’m in my kitchen (my Echo is located in the master bedroom).

That’s why I got it.

The second reason is something that wasn’t really obvious until I started using the remote.

Now, I know this is going to sound lazy but when you’re changing the music track on the Echo, it get’s really old to say “Alexa Next”, “Alexa Next”, “Alexa Next” to change the tune.

With the remote, you can just change the song by clicking the next button on the remote. It’s faster and not so exhausting 😉

Smatree Battery - Best Portable Battery For Echo

Make your Echo portable with the battery base from Smatree.

Now you can take your Echo on the back porch to listen to streaming music or into the bathroom when you’re taking a shower.

I like to set a timer for when I need to get out of the shower (yeah I know I’m a bit OCD lol).

Anyhow, with its indicator lights, it will let you know how long until you need to recharge the battery.

The Amazon page claims 6 hours of battery life but it works out to about 4.5 - 5 hours before you need a recharge.

The cool thing about this is that you can move your Echo around the house without having to unplug it from the wall. That means that you don’t have to reboot and wait for it to come back online.

If you’re looking for something with a better battery life, check out the MegaBoot. It has an 18 battery life but it does cost more.

BlueTech Carrying Case - Durable Case For Echo 

Where would you take your Echo? I honestly don’t know.

If you do need to carry it around, you can get the Amazon Echo traveling case from Bluetech.

It’s sturdy and includes a compartment for the plug.

It doesn’t, however, come with a compartment for a battery.

All in all, I’m just including it on the list to be thorough. Maybe you travel for your job and need something sturdy to carry your Echo in. If that’s the case then check out this case from Bluetech.

Fintie Protective Case - Skins For Amazon Echo

If you want to spruce up your boring looking Echo then check out these skins from Fintie.

They have 33 different designs and colors to choose from.

Starry night is my favorite but there are many different ones to choose from.


It’s made out of vegan leather (a fancy way of saying fake leather) and easily fits around your Echo.

Amazon Echo Questions & Answers

What devices work with Amazon Echo?


We’ve come a long way since the Echo debuted a few short years ago.

You can now control everything from smart lights to automatic sprinkler systems.

Some devices have direct integration and some need 3rd party filters like IFTTT to control.

If possible get the device with direct integration. If it has an Echo “Skill” then you don’t have to worry about Internet slowdowns like you do with IFTTT (IFTTT is an Internet app that lets you control certain devices that don’t yet have a skill).

Ok with that said here is a list of the major categories that work with the Amazon Echo and some devices that the amazon echo can control...

Philips Hue
Lifx LED WiFi
GE Link Bulb

Overhead Light Switches
Wemo Light Switch
Lutron Dimmer Switch
Evolve Switch

Smart Plugs
Wemo Smart Plug
TP-Link Smart Plug
Samsung SmartThings Outlet

Honeywell (select models)

Door Locks
August Smart Lock

Security Systems
Abode Home Security
Ring Front Door Camera
Scout Alarm

Harmony Hub

Rachio Smart Sprinkler
Garageio Smart Garage Door Opener
Automatic Car Diagnostic Dongle

How does Echo turn on lights?

There are two different ways.

First is with a connector like the TP-Link smart plug.

You plug one end of the TP-Link into the power and the other end into your light. Then you go into the smart home settings of your Alexa app and let the software know that you want to use the plug.

You also have to give it a name like “living room” in the setup. From then on you can just say “Alexa turn on the living room” and that switch will turn on.

Side Note: If you want to control an overhead light that doesn’t plug into the wall, then you need to get something like the Lutron dimming wall switch.

You remove your old wall switch and wire it (not that hard) into the wall. After that, the same steps apply and you can now control the overhead light (and or fan) with the Echo.

The second method is to get a smart light bulb like the Lifx adjustable multi-colored LED bulb.

With these lights, you just screw them into your light fixture.

That means that if you do have an overhead light that you want to control you don’t have to wire a switch into the wall.

The other cool thing about these lights is that they are multi-colored so you can set the mood or just create a cool looking ambiance in your house.

How do you set up the Amazon Echo?

Setting up the Echo is pretty straight forward.

Just plug it in and run through the setup in the Alexa app.

You should be up and running in just a few short minutes.

As far as setting up your smart home devices…

If it has a skill then it’s pretty easy. Just say something like “Alexa install the harmony skill”. It will enable the skill and then you have to go in the Alexa app and connect your account.

For other devices, you can use IFTTT, Stringify or any other 3rd party service that allows you to connect and control your smart home.

How do you control your tv with the Echo?

To control your tv with the Echo voice assistant you will need to get a Harmony Hub.

You plug the hub into your network and then you can say things like “Alexa turn on the tv” or “Alexa turn on the golf channel” etc.

What is a smart hub?

A smart hub allows you to create routines within your smart home.

So, for example, you could create a “good night” routine that turns off all your lights, turns off the TV and sets your thermostat to 68 degrees.

There are other ways to create routines like using free apps like Yonomi.

The downside to these kinds of apps is that they run over the internet and if the net is down the routine won’t run.

They also have a lag.

Since the hubs are on the local network they will run fast with no lag time.

As time goes on, more and more devices will be integrated directly into the Echo. The ability to create routines without a hub will eventually be an Echo feature I’m guessing.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT stands for If This Then That.

For our purposes, it’s an Internet app that allows you to create “recipes” to trigger actions for your smart home devices.

You can do a lot of cool things with IFTTT like have your smart lights blink when your favorite sports team scores.

You can also trigger events like if someone presses the button on your smart doorbell have your smart security camera start recording.

The downside is that since it runs on the Internet, there is a lag sometimes.

So if you say “Alexa trigger turn lights to purple” it might take up to a minute for the command to work and turn the color of your lights.

It is also only good for one action.

There are other apps like Yonomi and Stringify that will complete multi-step actions.

With Yonomi, for example, you could turn your TV on AND lock the door AND turn your lights purple with one command.

Final Words - Wrapping It Up

These are the best Amazon Echo accessories. I hope you find them useful and if you have any you want to add or just want to ask a question…

Feel free to comment below.

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