The Echo Dot 2nd Generation

The Echo Dot is the squatty little brother in the Echo line of smart speakers. All brains and no brawn.

The speaker included will NOT be enough for anyone who wants to listen to music on the device which in all honesty is probably not what the Dot was intended for anyway.

The best use cases for the Dot are for people who want to:

  • Add a smart home, voice controller in multiple rooms without overpaying for a larger speaker that they won’t need.
  • Want to connect to a better speaker via Bluetooth or an aux cable.
  • Want a portable Alexa speaker (Wifi and extra accessory needed).

The Dot comes equipped with an aux output that will allow you to easily upgrade the sound. An absolute must if you want to listen to music. This allows you to connect to anything from an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker to a several thousand dollar audiophile hi-fi system.

There are also some pretty cool accessories for the Dot like a portable battery powered speaker that allows you to take Alexa on the go (as long as there’s a wifi connection available). Handy for moving it around the house like in the garage or backyard.

In my setup, I have 2 Echo Dots.

One in the bathroom where I connect it wirelessly to an excellent sounding UE Roll speaker that I have strapped to the top of the shower head. This allows me to start up and change songs hands-free while showering.

The other one is located in my living room so that I can easily control my smart lights and Amazon Fire TV with my voice. (We’ll get into Fire TV integration later in this guide).

You Need This When:


You want an inexpensive voice-activated smart home controller in multiple rooms.


You want to hook it up to an external Bluetooth or aux connected speaker.


You want a more portable option and the ability to use some of its many exclusive accessories (like an alarm clock etc.).