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On or Over-Ear: Which Headphones Will Rock Your World?

Just like politics or religion, you should think twice before bringing up the topic of headphones in polite conversation. People have very strong opinions on what makes a good headphone and are vocal about

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Pair Beats Headphones

How to Pair Beats Wireless Headphones the Right Way

By Popular Demand Love them or hate them, no one can say that the Beats line of headphones hasn’t been a massive success. While you can still get wired phones from the good Dr Dre, most of the lineup

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45 Running, Fitness & Bodybuilding Experts Share Their Best Workout Songs To Get You Motivated Today!

I had a problem recently. I was at the gym a few weeks ago and realized that I have been listening to the same songs over and over again for the last several years!I decided it was time to get some fresh

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Clean Earbuds

How to Clean Earbuds

The world is filled with dirty things. Even apparently shiny tech items like keyboards and screens can become breeding grounds for things you don’t want to look at under a microscope. Of all tech biohazards,

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Make Your Headphones More Comfortable

In this info-overloaded rat-race world, it can be next to impossible to find some “me time”. Noisy gyms, gossipy office workers, and city living can all take its toll. Headphones give us some much

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These Are The Very Best Wireless Earbuds For 2017

Problem.You want to buy some new wireless earbuds but you have no idea how they sound.You don't even know if they'll fit because... You can’t try them on in the store.I mean, I’m not sticking

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