I’m going to be honest here…

When it came time to write smart refrigerator reviews for the site I was a bit less than excited.

I mean it’s just a fridge, right?


I knew that they’re smart, but I was SHOCKED to find out that these fridges come with some REALLY cool smart home tech that even I didn’t know about.

I also discovered how important the way in which your fridge cools and freezes your food is essential for your family’s safety.

Want to find out more?… Read on for the best smart refrigerators for 2018…


Samsung Smart Fridge

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Massive Screen

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LG Super Cap

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Super Capacity

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Smart Coffee

GE Cafe Fridge

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Also Makes Coffee!

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It’s All About The Screen

The Samsung smart fridge comes with a massive 21.5 screen that allows you to do everything from watch your favorite TV show right on the refrigerator door to pulling up recipes on the fly.

The main theme of this fridge is family communication, and to that end, it has some cool features.

You can take the old school whiteboard to the next level with digital sticky notes and the family calendar.

With the sticky notes app, you can write quick notes to family members that sticks to the home screen so that everyone sees it when they look at the fridge.

If you are a planner like me you can look at the family schedule (you can also access the schedule from your smartphone) so you know where everyone is (or is suppose to be :)).

Turn Your Boring Kitchen Into An Entertainment Center

On the entertainment side, if you have a later model Samsung television, you can stream TV right from the giant screen. If you have the fridge located in the right spot you and your family can watch your favorite show when you’re eating.

It’s also a great form of entertainment when you’re cooking. I like to watch Jimmy Kimmel for a good laugh while I’m stir-frying.

You can stream Pandora music right from the fridge when you’re cooking or entertaining guests or, optionally hook it up to wireless Bluetooth speakers for better sound.

It also has internet access, so if you need to make a quick romp through facebook to look at some pictures or pull up a youtube video, it’s all right there.

Food Fun

You can pull up recipes right from the giant touchscreen. If you’re looking for something to do with that chicken that’s about to go bad, you have access to thousands of possible recipes.

You can also shop for thousands of food items (like if the chicken did go bad and you need to get more) and it will be delivered right to your door.

It Can Do What!?…

One of the more useful features of the Samsung smart fridge is the built-in cameras.

The way it works is that it takes a picture of the inside of your fridge every time you close the refrigerator door.

You can then pull up the inside view when for example, you’re at the grocery store and need to know if you should get milk.

It also has tags that you can drag and drop on the screen that you can assign to a food item inside and will tell you how long it’s been in there and if it’s going to expire.


If you have a Samsung smart things hub, you can run some of the routines right from the screen.

You can set up a cooking routine to turn your lights up and play some music for example.

IFTTT Integration

It also has a few IFTTT smart home recipes that you can run (IFTTT allows you to connect your fridge to other smart home devices).

If you have Philips Hue Lights, you can have it blink if the refrigerator door is left open.

You can also have it send you a text message if the door is left open in case you have kids and are away from the house and need to make sure it stays shut.

Set it up to send you a notification on your smartphone when it’s time to replace the filter.

Oh Yeah… I Almost Forgot… It’s Also A Fridge

With all the tech in this thing, it’s easy to forget that the main function of this appliance is to keep your food cold.

To that end here are some of the important details…

There are two different models you can choose.

The Samsung Family Hub wifi enabled smart fridge comes in two sizes. Counter depth and standard.

The Counter depth model will sit flush with most cabinets but obviously has a bit less space than the standard model.

With the counter depth fridge (28.8 depth / 22.1 cu. ft. capacity) you have enough room to comfortably store enough food for a family of 4 and with a little organizational skill, a family of 5-6.

Alternately with the standard model (34.2 depth / 27.9 cu. ft. capacity) you have enough room for a family of 6 or with a bit of organization, a family of 7-8.

Cooling, Cooling And More Cooling

While most fridges only have one evaporator coil, the Samsung family hub refrigerator has 3. This allows more precise control over the temperature and humidity, so your food stays fresher longer. Samsung is making a run for the best refrigerator brand.

It also has a metal cooling plate installed in the back of the inside compartment.

Metal retains cold temperatures better than plastic which keeps the cold air consistent throughout.


The French doors allow you to put all of your fresh foods in the top portion of the fridge so that you have easy access to foods that spoil faster than the frozen section in the lower portion of the unit.

It is also more energy efficient because you are only opening a portion of the fridge at a time when you want something.

Another cool thing about the family hub is that you can change one of the lower compartments from freezer to fridge which is great if you’re like me and eat more fresh than frozen food.

Two crisper drawers allow you to store fruits and veggies separately for more precise humidity control. This reduces spoilage and helps keep the flavor of your nutritional food.

The sturdy tempered glass shelves make it easy to see what you have in the fridge, so you don’t miss anything and is easier to clean than unsightly plastic or wire shelves.

This unit comes with a premium wide and tall external water dispenser that, in addition to delivering fresh cold filtered water and ice, also allows you to fill up a large pitcher with ease.

It comes in two sleek, beautiful colors. Stainless steel and black stainless steel so you can choose the flavor that best fits in with your kitchen decor.

Here are some common questions and answers for the Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge:

Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator FAQ

Q: Are the touchscreen and apps compatible with iPhone?

A: Yes. If you have iOS 7.0 or above ,you can download the Samsung smart home app from the app store. It is however optimized for the Samsung smartphones.

Q: Does this need Wi-Fi to work?

A: Yes. I personally recommend that you get the fastest internet service and router available. While not completely necessary, you don’t want to run into an issue where the kids are playing online video games, and it slows down the internet functions on your refrigerator.

Also, as you expand your smart home to include other things like smart lights, a smart oven, etc., you will want more bandwidth.

Q: What apps come installed?

A: Tons of apps come installed. Here’s the breakdown –

1. View Inside – Look in your fridge to see whats inside from your smartphone anywhere you are

2. Grocery’s by Mastercard – Place an order for groceries (certain areas only)

3. Allrecipes – Amazing collection of recipes right at your fingertips

4. Sticky Board – Share calendars, photos, and handwritten notes. Can also access from a smartphone

5. Pandora – Music streaming right on your fridge

6. Photo Album – Display photos

7. Shopping List – Create and share shopping lists for when you or your family is at the store

8. Samsung Club de Chef – Samsung’s fancy recipe collection

9. Tune In – Podcast app for your fridge

10. Calendar – Sharable calendar

11. Timer – Countdown or specify a time

12. Fridge Manager – Control temperature, check water filter status, control the icemaker

13. TV Mirroring – Allows you to mirror late model Samsung TV’s on your fridge door

14. Weather – A weather app

15. Internet Browser – Connect to any page you want for more recipes, check facebook or watch youtube videos, etc. etc.

Q: Why buy the Smart Hub refrigerator?

A:  Family organization, entertainment in the kitchen and it’s really impressive looking ?

Q: What are the specs?

– Refrigerator Width (In.) 35.75
– Depth (Excluding Handles) 34.29
– Capacity (cu. ft.) 27.9
– Height to Top of Door Hinge 71.85
– Counter Depth No
– Color Black Stainless Steel


  • check
    Massively large screen
  • check
    Useful kitchen and life apps
  • check
    Great family fridge


  • Some might find smart features overkill 
  • Expensive
  • Setup can be difficult





Best Value

This three-door french design fridge comes with some cool, smart home tech.

For starters, with the free smartthinq app you can add items to your grocery list from the LCD screen on the fridge, and it will create a shopping list for you on your phone that you can use when you’re at the store.

As the default, the home screen is set to weather with a graphic depiction of the current climate and has icons of apps aligned on the bottom for easy access.

Speaking of apps, the LG smart refrigerator has a photo app that you can use to set great looking photos on the front door of your fridge. You can either upload the photos from your phone, or it also has an sd card slot that you can use.

For the health conscious family, there is an app that will track the amount of water that every family member drinks throughout the day. You select your name, and it will tell you how much water you have dispensed that day.

Last but not least, you can connect the onboard screen to your google calendar for a quick look at the day’s tasks right from your fridge door.

It’s A Fridge Too

I’ll get into the practical specs in a minute, but first I’d like to talk about a couple of things that set this particular fridge apart.

First is the slim space plus ice maker.

While most ice makers take up A LOT of space in your fridge, with this LG model, the ice maker is built right into the door saving you a ton of space for extra items.

Second is the organizational features.

It has three fruit and veggie compartments and a glide and serve drawer.

The glide and serve drawer comes in handy if you are entertaining and need a quick and easy space to store party platters.

The freezer has two nested drawers that allow you to put larger items on the bottom and have easy access to smaller items that you might consume more frequently.

The dimensions come in at W35 3/4″ x H70 1/4″ x D36 1/4″. That means it probably won’t sit flush with your countertops so keep that in mind if that’s important to you.

It has 30.7 total cu. ft. of space which is good for a family of 5 or 6.

Keep Your Food Fresh inside

This LG model is equipped with smart cooling technology. It has multiple sensors that detect the temperature and humidity and will adjust accordingly to keep your food fresh.

It also has strategically placed vents that ensure all of your food is cooled evenly to help reduce spoilage.

Other Random Tidbits

A few other useful features are a door alarm if you didn’t realize that you left the refrigerator open. It also has a child lock and an auto-closing door hinge.

Lastly, it has patented quiet technology so you won’t hear much from this fridge and if god forbid something does go wrong, it has smart diagnostic information so you can quickly fix the problem.

Here are some common questions and answers for the LG Smartthinq Fridge:

LG  Smartthinq Refrigerator FAQ

Q: What apps are installed in this fridge?

A: Quite a few. Here they are:

1. Food Manager – Add and tag your food for freshness and a quick look to see what you need

2. Recipes – Recipes from the food channel. You can select recipes for items currently in your fridge

3. Grocery List – Send a list of things you need to your smartphone

4. Memo – Voice, written or handwritten notes to family members

5. Google Calendar – Access and edit Google cal from the screen

6. Photo Album – Upload photos and display them on the screen

7. Ref Manager – Access and change refrigerator settings

8. Smart Diagnostics – Troubleshoot common problems with your fridge

It also has a handful of useful widgets:

1. Weather Widget

2. Freshness Tracker Widget

3. Daily Water Intake Widget

4. Photo Widget

5. Recommended Recipe Widget

6. Memo Widget

7. Etc

Q: What are the specs?

– Refrigerator Width (In.) 35.75
– Depth (Excluding Handles) 33.75
– Capacity (cu. ft.) 31
– Height to Top of Door Hinge 70.25
– Counter Depth No
– Color Silver Stainless Steel




Smart Home

The next fridge on this list doesn’t have an LCD on the door but don’t let that fool you. It comes with some useful smart home features hidden inside.

This unit is part of the LG line of smartthinq connected smart home appliances.

It’s all connected with the smartthinq app for your iPhone or android device.

You can preheat your oven, turn on your air filter or tell your robot vacuum to start cleaning up right from the palm of your hand.

But… We’re talking about fridges here so let’s get back to what this refrigerator can do for you. First, here are the models…


You can now get an update on your smartphone when your air or water filter needs to be replaced.

Changing your air filter on time is important because it helps eliminate odors if something happens to go bad in your fridge. It also keeps food crunchy fresh for longer periods of time.

Water filter replacement is also very important for keeping your water healthy and fresh tasting.

Party Ice

Another cool thing you can do with the app is turn on the ice plus feature remotely.

This is good if you have a last minute get together and need more ice. Instead of having to run to the store (depending on how many people you have coming over) you might be able to save yourself the trip.

Fridge Functions

Overall the refrigerator part of this unit isn’t much different than the LFX31995ST with one big exception.

It has a super convenient double front door.

On the right-hand side of the fridge it has an additional compartment to store frequently used items like bottled water or a sports drink.

Press the button on the handle and pull and just the extra compartment will open.

This saves household energy, and for commonly used items, it makes it easy to grab n’ go if you’re in a rush.


Like I said this fridge isn’t much different than the LFX31995ST which I reviewed earlier in this guide, but if you need a quick refresher it has…

Spacemaker Plus Ice – Saves you room in the fridge because they installed the icemaker in the door. Also has a duel ice maker.

Three Fruit & Veggie Trays – For more precise control over your spoilable items, so they stay fresher longer.

Glide & Serve Tray – Easily store party platters for quick access.

Nested Freezer Drawers – Quickly get to the items you need on top and store larger items used less frequently on the bottom.

Dimensions are W35 3/4″ x H70 1/4″ x D36 1/4″. Not counter depth but not super capacity either.

It also has a door alarm, child locks and patented quit technology built in.

Here are some common questions and answers for the LG Smart Fridge:

LG French Door Smart Refrigerator FAQ

Q: Why does it need an internet connection? What do you get from hooking it up to wifi?

A: You can view things like how many times the door was opened, and it will alert you if the door is left open. Many people have said that they found that useful because their kids left the refrigerator open many times.

If you have elderly parents, an easy way to check up on them is looking on your phone to see if the refrigerator was opened that day.

You can also turn on the party ice feature to make more ice for a last minute get together right from your phone.

Finally, you can easily see if you need to replace the filter and if the health of your fridge is ok.

Q: What does it mean by “dual ice maker”?

A: This model has one ice maker in the door that will fill several cups of ice and another one in the bottom portion where the freezer is for large amounts of cubed ice. The freezer ice compartment fills enough ice for a cooler. You can turn it off if you want.

Q: What are the specs?

– Refrigerator Width (In.) 35.75
– Depth (Excluding Handles) 33.75
– Capacity (cu. ft.) 29.6
– Height to Top of Door Hinge 70.25
– Counter Depth No
– Color Silver Stainless Steel

While this fridge doesn’t have the huge LCD door screen like the Samsung Family Hub, it does something so unbelievably fantastic that you might not even care…




Yep, it has a Keurig adapter that you can easily slide into the water dispenser for fresh hot coffee.

So you can now get all the convenience of using coffee pods without taking up the ridiculous amount of counter space usually assigned to a bulky Keurig coffee machine.


You can also schedule what time to heat up the water with the GE app so you can have it ready to go in the morning when you’re ready to brew.

More Smart Stuff

It has some other cool features that you can access from the LCD screen on the door or a smaller set of things you can do with a smart app on your phone.

First, not only does it make coffee, it will dispense hot water at the precise temperature you select.

It also has a few presets for soup, tea, etc. so you can get the perfect temperature for common comfort foods.

Don’t worry if you have little ones around because the hot water dispenser comes with a safety dial that you have to turn and push that helps protect against your children getting burned.

It has a pullout tray for larger containers such as a pot, and you can set the exact amount of water to dispense.

This is helpful for recipes and can eliminate the need to grab the measuring cup… Awesome!

The Screen


It does come with an LCD screen installed above the water/ice dispenser.

Its push-button interface allows you to access all the functions.

You can also upload pictures and have it cycle through the photographs of your favorite places and loved ones.


Being a GE smart appliance, this fridge is capable of integrating with IFTTT.

IFTTT (If This Then That) is an easy to use website that connects multiple smart devices and internet software (like twitter etc.) together.

Some of the cool things you can do with the GE smart fridge and IFTTT are…

Have your smart lights blink when you forgot to close the fridge

If weather reports predict a possible power outage, it lowers the temperature in the fridge to keep your items cooler for longer when the lights go out.

If the door alarm goes off… It will call you on your cell phone to let you know.

Fridge Functions

This is, for the most part, a pretty standard high-end Refrigerator with one really cool exception.

It has electronically controlled drawers with preset temperatures for meat, deli, beverages, etc.

When you select a preset, the installed LED lights will change color to represent your choice.

Like blue for deli or green for produce.


Call me a dork, but I think that’s really freakin' cool.

It also comes with drop down trays that you can adjust to fit larger items in the door of the fridge.

One other useful feature is the removable mats that it comes with. This allows you to take out the mats when you want to clean the fridge and you can soak them for easy cleaning.

It comes with two ice makers. One built into the door for space savings and one in the freezer for extra ice. Very useful for parties.

It has an advanced patented filtration system that removes among other things, trace pharmaceuticals that have been showing up in our water supply lately.

It’s water filtration system removes:

1. Asbestos

2. Herbicide

3. Chlorine

4. Cysts

5. Lead

6. Lindane (a pesticide)

7. Mercury

I did a bit of research and found out that (most) of the water plants do a really good job of filtering the water supply. The problem is with old pipes that may be carrying unacceptable amounts of heavy metals that you don’t want to drink.

It comes in 2 models.

Standard with dimensions of W35 3/4″ x H70″ x D36 1/4″ and counter depth coming in at W35 3/4″ x H70 1/4″ x D30 1/4″.

It has a turbo cool feature that is supe neat. If you or your family open the refrigerator door, frequently the turbo cool fans turn on and cool the fridge rapidly to keep your food fresh.

If that’s not enough, it will detect if you put a hot item in the fridge and turn on turbo cool.

To me, that’s awesome because when I make big batches of rice and sweet potatoes for the week, I’m always worried that it will bring down the temperature of my fresh fruits and vegetables. Now I don’t have to worry about it… Fantastic!

Here are some common questions and answers for the GE Cafe Series Fridge:

GE Cafe Series Refrigerator FAQ

Q: How long does it take the water to heat up for coffee or tea?

A: The water tank can take up to 5 minutes to heat. If you are making a second cup of coffee or tea the heating time will be faster because the heating tank is already warm.

If you have it connected to your smartphone through the GE kitchen app, you can set it to warm up at a specific time. 7 am as an example for morning coffee.

Q: Can you get this model without the Keurig feature?

A: No but the Keurig coffee maker comes in the form of an adapter that you snap onto the hot water dispenser of the fridge. If you do not want to use it, you don’t have to. Just don’t attach the adapter to the refrigerator.

Q: I have small children. What are the safety features for the hot water dispenser?

A: The hot water for this fridge will only dispense when you turn the glowing red knob and press it in. It is child proof.

Q: What are the specs?


– Refrigerator Width (In.) 35.75
– Depth (Excluding Handles) 35.25
– Capacity (cu. ft.) 27.8
– Height to Top of Door Hinge 69.875
– Counter Depth No
– Color Silver Stainless Steel

Coming Soon LG New Smart Fridge

LG is working on a competitor to the Samsung smart fridge that has an even bigger 29-inch display.

It comes loaded with Windows 10 and is a fully functioning tablet computer, so whatever you can do on a windows tablet, you can do on the front door of your fridge.

Seems a bit like overkill to me but who knows, this might be useful for someone out there.

Now that I think about it…

One thing I can see that might be awesome with the fully functioning Windows 10 tablet is Cortana voice control.

“Hey Cortana remind me to pick up eggs when I’m at the store” is something that I would use all the time.

Another interesting thing about it is that the screen is transparent. That means that you can see right into your fridge. Seems a bit gimmicky as it’s not a completely clear view, but it’s kinda cool nonetheless.

It also has the look in the fridge on your smartphone feature like the Samsung so you can see if you need more salsa or whatever when you’re at the store.

LG would like to become known as a reliable refrigerator brand.

The smart home refrigerator wars are starting to heat up, so we’re going to see a lot of innovation in this area. I’ll keep you posted!