Bring Your Own Popcorn: Awesome Home Theater Ideas

The theatre business always has to fight to keep our interest. Whenever home entertainment matches what theaters offer they have to step up their game. They’ve tried making theater screens wider and

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TVs vs Projectors: Super Ultra Hyperfighting Edition

Home entertainment is a big deal, no one can honestly argue that it isn’t. Whether it’s arty-farty Criterion Blu Rays or streaming the latest season of Rick and Morty, just about everyone loves a good

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Is Kodi Safe, Legal or Not?

Kodi is without a doubt one of the main reasons that anyone wants an streaming TV device to begin with. This open source app is one of the best home media software hubs and has become a polished, simple

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The Best Kodi Builds For You

Kodi is a powerful, flexible and open-source streaming solution that allows you to easily connect to a variety of streaming and on-demand services, regardless of which Android device you have. As long

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Wifi Won’t Turn On – Common Problems and How to Fix Them

**Crosslink – Best routers for Comcast / Best modem router combo “Unable to connect to network” is the last thing you want to see when you’re trying to get something done on your computer,

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Use Your Sonos as an Echo Dot Speaker

The Amazon Echo Dot and its cousins are becoming a very hot item and millions of people are finding out what it feels like to have an intelligent AI interface always within earshot. The Dot itself is

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Touch Gloves: The Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home

In the technology world, both Amazon and Google are true heavyweights. For the most part, however, the two companies have never really stepped on each other’s toes all that much. Amazon was happy to

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OK Google, Work with Sonos

The smart speaker revolution is in full swing. Amazon and Google are facing off in a big way with their AI-infused speakers that promise to become the heart of your home automation system. The rather pedestrian-sounding

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Sounds Good: Connect Your TV to Sonos

If you (like me) are old enough to have grown up with CRT televisions, you’ll appreciate how amazing flat-screen TVs are much more than the generation which grew up with them. Our TVs are large, colorful

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Get Meshed with Google WiFi

Oh look, Google has released another “Google” thing. Say hello to Google WiFi, the latest product from our beloved tech overlords promising to solve all our problems. What’s this? Google WiFi will

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The LIFX Guide: Finally See the Light

Ever since Thomas Edison helped popularized electric light the world has never been the same. Freed from the expensive candle industry, people could stay awake for longer. Study, laugh and live in the

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Best Kodi Box: How to Choose a COMPATIBLE Box in 2017

There are some boxes that are not compatible with Kodi. To save you from accidentally buying something that you would need to return, we’ve come up with a list to help you find the best Kodi box for

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The Best Projectors Under $200 In 2017

The struggle between price and quality is a difficult one. Doesn’t everyone want to get something better than the price they paid for it?The biggest issue with being limited to a budget is being unable

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Making Sense of Soundbars

A soundbar is a speaker array that is placed below a flat screen TV. It can either be an all-in-one unit or it can have a separate sub-woofer that stands on the floor. The connection between the soundbar

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Cans of Gold: How to Choose High-end Headphones

It doesn’t get a lot of coverage in the press, but there is a terrible and debilitating disease that affects a significant number of people in the world. These poor people can’t tolerate even the slightest

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Google Home Easter Eggs To Bring A Smile To Your Face

Like any technological arms race, the battle for home automation supremacy is being waged by the biggest names in the industry. Arguably the biggest kid on the block, Google, has an admirable entry into

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Lifx vs Hue – The Ultimate Showdown

QUICK ANSWER Lifx and Hue are two of the top rated smart light products available on the market today.These are both great options for adding brightness, color, and ambiance throughout your home.Lifx

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The Best Soundbars Under 200

Attempting to improve your home entertainment setup without going over budget?When choosing the best soundbar under 200 dollars it’s most important to consider what kind of connectivity options you

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Best Audiophile Headphones

The Worlds Best Audiophile Headphones

Are you looking for the best audiophile headphones on the market?Buying new headphones sounds simple enough. However, finding a pair that delivers the combination of amazing sound quality you’re looking

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The HomePod Has Landed: Let’s Talk about the “Siri Speaker”

In a move that’s only surprising because of its lateness, Apple has announced its own entry into the world of AI-powered speakers. In direct competition with Amazon Echo and Google Home products, we

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