The fact is that unless you’ve muted your Echo, it’s always listening and recording. You can even go into your Alexa app and listen to the recordings of all the commands that you’ve given your Echo.

While probably not an issue for most, someone with high-security clearance from the CIA might want to avoid purchasing and using an Amazon Echo.

If you don’t like your recordings sitting out there, you can go into the Alexa app and delete them individually. If you want to trash them all in one fell swoop go to, find your device and remove them all at once.

I’d recommend not deleting your voice recordings as it will degrade the performance of your Echo, however.

Drop-In Concerns

Your Echo can “drop in” on approved contacts. What that means is that you can open a connection to another person's Echo smart speaker or even one of their video-enabled Echos like the Show or Spot without them “answering” the call.

You can see the obvious downside of this feature.

What I would say here is that the drop-in feature was designed for baby monitoring, connecting easily with elderly family members, and disabled individuals in your contact list.

If one of the above scenarios doesn’t pertain to you, I would highly recommend turning off this feature.

Camera Concerns

Another issue is that some of the newer Echo devices come with a camera installed. The concern is that Amazon now has a recording of you in their database and hackers might have a shot at spying on you in your home.

Shopping Concerns

Another significant concern is the ability of someone purchasing items from your Amazon account by merely asking Alexa to do so.

What you can do to combat this is to go into your Alexa app and enable the pin feature for Alexa ordering. That way when someone tries to order a new laptop from your account, they will be held up by this extra security measure.

Smart Home Concerns

You can access all of your smart home devices from your Echo. This can cause a problem when for example, you have a smart door lock installed, and someone yells into your home “Alexa open the front door.”

Here again, you can enable a pin code for extra security.

Here’s a pro tip: You can plug your Echo into a smart plug and enable geofencing on the smart plug. This will turn off the smart plug when you are not in range with your smartphone so no one can access your Echo when you’re not around.

What Goes On In Amazon's Secret Lair?

When it started, the Echo could play some songs, order a few things from Amazon and control a handful of smart devices. Now, you can make phone calls, control your Fire TV with your voice, and listen to your music simultaneously in every room of your house.

That's to say, it’s come a long way in a few short years, and you can expect it to expand exponentially in the future.

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