The Square Off Chess Board

Square Off is indeed a one of a kind product. It’s an electronic chess board that allows you to play opponents across the world on the same board. It’s mechanical insides move the opposing pieces for you and create a feeling of sitting down for a game of real chess across continents. If you don’t want to play real people and wish to practice and hone your skills, Square Off has you covered too with Stockfish 7 sitting at the helm of the ship and enabling you to play various levels of computer AI in difficulty to improve your understanding of the much-loved game of chess.

Chess enthusiasts for which online chess doesn’t feel real and that want to always play on a real board, here comes your gateway to more chess! The chess board is alive and connected to the internet, with pieces moving on their own, almost like in the ‘Harry Potter’ movies. The product has received immense support on Kickstarter and has exceeded its creators’ initial goals tenfold since the beginning of the project. The project, courtesy of the Infivention Technologies Pvt. Ltd. lead by two engineering students from KJ Somaiya College, Mumbai, has gathered a lot of interest from the media and from chess enthusiasts.

History and Motivation

In a small classroom in KJ Somaiya College, Mumbai, two engineering students Bhavya Gohil and Aatur Mehta were dreaming up a chess-playing device that would, in three short years, take the world by surprise. They dreamed of a system that let you play anyone in the world on a real board with real, moving pieces. Today, the Square Off chess board has become a reality, and it is magical. The pieces move on their own, with the help of the magnetic robotic arm deep in the belly of the contraption and create the effect of real-time chess playing across the globe.

Chess enthusiasts have long complained of the online chess experience not feeling real enough, not feeling the immersion of a real chess game. The Square Off chess board aims to shore up that deficiency. It takes players offline, makes them use real boards and real pieces while still maintaining the magic of the internet’s inter-connectivity. It lets you play any opponent and, if you wish to, you can even play the chess AI that is baked into the system.

The board boasts a variety of impressive features, such as 20 difficulty levels of the AI algorithms, allowing to accommodate for varied styles of play, a integration system which connects users of the Square Off board with 23+ million users of and pits them against each other in battle. The battery life of 30 games allows the board to mobilize and lets you take your game anywhere you wish it to. The reset feature cleans up the pieces for you after you finish a game, allowing you to get more use out of your time. The Infivention team has a steady hand on the pulse of their product with constant updates and improvements to their board. The world is ready for their innovations, and the world is willing!

The electronic chess board that chess enthusiasts have long been waiting for.

Key features

The wooden chess board, weighing in at 8 pounds, comes to you with a set of 34 magnetic pieces and 2 extra queens, so losing pieces is not as much of an issue. Inside the board, a robotic arm with a magnetic head is operated by a 32-bit processor. The board is portable too, with a 2200 mAh Lithium-ion battery that lasts you up to 30 games before recharge. The board’s Stockfish AI has 20 difficulty levels, ranging from beginner to grandmaster, which is designed to satisfy all skill levels and abilities. Thanks to the integration of the product with, you can play with people across the globe without them needing to have the electronic chess board. This allows you to connect to the 23+ million players and play them real-time on the board. When your game is finished, the board is kind enough to reset the pieces for you, swiftly moving them back into place with its magnetic arm. Frequent updates to the game’s software and the accompanying app ensure that you will not be left to starve on features and that Infivention Technologies still has a lot in store for their customers and fans of the product.

  • 20 difficulty levels that allow the processor to match the player’s skill level
  • The ability to connect to and challenge anyone across the globe, with or without the board
  • A Lithium-ion battery that lasts for 30 games, allowing you to keep playing on the go
  • Chess Knight
    An auto-reset feature that removes the hassle of cleanup and keeps your pieces game-ready always
  • Chess Knight
    Frequent updates from the Infivention team with new and better features

The verdict

The Square Off electronic chess board from Infivention Technologies has taken the chess-playing consumer world by storm. With its sleek design and fascinating mechanics, it has managed to fill a previously untouched niche on the market of people that want to play real chess whenever and wherever they feel like it. Judging by the hype they managed to gather from the Kickstarter and the customer reviews, Infivention Technologies have a solid product on their hands and know what to do with it. Thanks to the constant updates and software bugfixes, it is clear that the team wants to make their product the best it can be. The future is looking bright too, with the team promising such features as Live-streaming of chess games from various tournaments, Leaderboards so you can see how you rank against your friends, a training mode to learn the best moves in the game from seasoned professionals, the ability to export and share your games, use the Square Off app to analyze your existing sets and suggest moves for you and much more! Cherish the feeling of playing on a real, finely crafted wooden board with intricately carved chess pieces and bring back the feelings of real-life chess games. The wooden chess board is an excellent gift for any chess enthusiast.


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