Like any technological arms race, the battle for home automation supremacy is being waged by the biggest names in the industry. Arguably the biggest kid on the block, Google, has an admirable entry into the field, aptly named Google Home.

You have probably already heard about some of the amazing things Google Home can do to make life a bit easier, from turning on your lights to controlling the air conditioning, all with a simple verbal command or a swipe on your smartphone. While it can’t help much if your WiFi won’t turn on, did you know Google engineers packed Google Home with clever Easter eggs to make your home automation fun as well?

We have compiled an ever-growing list of Google Home Easter eggs and funny things to ask Google Home for you to try on your own. Prepare to have some fun with your technology.

For All You Yogi Bear Fans

You’ve seen the commercials with Google Homecoming to life at the “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google” commands. Did you know you can use “OK, Boo Boo” as the wake phrase? No word yet if Google Home can also help you navigate Jellystone Park or find picnic baskets filled with treats.

Google Home: Old School Hip Hop Aficionado

Maybe it’s been a boring, sedate day. Or maybe you’re just in the mood to smile a bit. Say the phrase, “OK, Google, Beatbox” to your technological dynamo and be prepared to hear some beats worthy of Run-DMC.

Help Celebrate Someone’s Special Day

Whether we want to admit it or not, everyone looks forward to birthdays. Did you know Google Home can help someone feel very special on their big day? Ask Google Home to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and you won’t be disappointed. That little marvel certainly knows how to be the life of the party.

Word Play

One of our favorite Google Home tricks is to say “OK, Google, Mad Libs.” Just as you remember from your childhood, Google Home proceeds to ask for a series of random words that it eventually weaves into a Mad Libs-type of story that will definitely leave you smirking from ear to ear.

Soothsaying, Google Style

Here’s another throwback to your childhood. Google Home has the digital equivalent of that Magic Eight-Ball you posed thousands of questions to as a kid. Just use the phrase, “OK, Google, Crystal ball,” then ask it a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question and be amazed at its clairvoyant abilities.

Sci-Fi Battle

Try asking “OK, Google, do you like Star Trek or Star Wars” and be astounding by Google Home’s thorough knowledge of all things USS Enterprise and Millennium Falcon. Sometimes Google Home takes sides, sometimes it’s more diplomatic. In either case, it’s probably best not to tell Captain James T. Kirk or Luke Skywalker the results.

More Star Wars Envy

Google Home can be a bit touchy about its looks. Try asking, “OK, Google, aren’t you a little short to be a Stormtrooper?” and you’ll either get a Star Wars quote or a claim Google Home was modeled after R2-D2. If Google engineers had modeled it after C3-PO, you might have been able to trick guests into thinking you won an Academy Award.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Another of our favorite Google Home tricks is asking, “OK, Google, who’s the fairest of them all?” Once again, the response can vary but, suffice it to say, Google Home can have a very high opinion of itself at times.

The Answer Isn’t Necessarily Blowin’ In The Wind

Bob Dylan fans will be appreciative of this next Google Home funny question. Trying asking, “OK. Google, how many roads must a man walk down?” for its take on 60’s folk music. Sometimes the answer is ‘blowin’ in the wind’ but others will result in your very own harmonica solo from Google Home.

Literary Endeavors

If you are anything like us, each day brings many emotions, happy to sad, light-hearted to pensive. Whatever mood you might be in, try telling Google Home, “OK, Google, read a poem.” We have tried this many times at this point and have yet to hear repeated verse. Prose from Oscar Wilde and Emily Dickinson has echoed from our Google Home and delighted us.

Plain And Simple

There’s not much to this one yet we still find it amusing. Say “OK, Google, give me a random number between X and Y” and Google Home will give you a random number. Given the fact there’s an infinite amount of numbers, we don’t think Google Home will be running out anytime soon.


Random Fun Things To Ask Google Home

Here’s a list of 10 other sayings and funny things to ask Google Home that we thought you might enjoy. Google Home is obviously a fan of pop culture.

  • OK, Google, make me a sandwich
  • OK, Google, do you ever get tired?
  • OK, Google, who let the dogs out?
  • OK, Google, do you want to build a snowman?
  • OK, Google, who you gonna call?
  • OK, Google, where’s waldo?
  • OK, Google, set phasers to kill.
  • OK, Google, what does the fox say?
  • OK, Google, where in the world is Carmen San Diego?
  • OK, Google, what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow

Last But Not Least

Are you getting a bit tired of the melodic but monotonous voice from your Google Home? Well, we have just the trick to cure those blues. Try asking, “OK, Google, are you feeling lucky?” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We dare you not to smile as that very same melodic but monotonous voice suddenly becomes a game show host, complete with theme music and bad jokes. As it turns out, Google Home has a sense of humor that will make you appreciate it even more.

Aside from the home automation that can simplify those little but important things in life, the Google Home Easter eggs we have provided should also bring a levity to Google Home that you might not have known existed. Give these Easter eggs a shot for yourself and try to find a few on your own. Chances are those clever Google engineers have filled your Google Home with twists, turns, and surprises that will delight you for years to come.

Give these Easter eggs a shot for yourself and try to find a few on your own. Chances are those clever Google engineers have filled your Google Home with twists, turns, and surprises that will delight you for years to come.

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