Never one to back down from a technological challenge, Google has announced their plans for a smart home hub to rival the popular Amazon Echo device. Although not released yet, the system promises to offer more than other devices currently on the market and do so in the trademark simplistic Google way.

While all of the details are yet to be known, there are a few things we have been told so far about Google Home. This device promises to be a center point for your home automation and provide personality and convenience in one system that is set to make your life easier.

Features of Google Home

There are a few features we know so far about Google Home, and judging by the proposed plans for this smart home device it is set to be a serious contender in the home automation game. This device is set to be your entertainment, information, and personal assistant provider all in one.

Google Home Manage Everyday Tasks Effortlessly

With the ability to change your home’s temperature, ask questions on any topic, play audio in multiple rooms, and more, the Google Home has almost everything the other devices have. The one major downfall currently is its compatibility with other home automation devices, but Google is trying to add to these.

How does Google Home Differ?

Now that we know how they’re alike, there are a few notable mentions for how Google Home differs to Amazon Echo and the other hot products in the home automation market currently.

Voice Commands

Early demonstrations by Google show that the Home has a far superior voice command system and the ability to have conversations with the device. Unlike some other systems which rely on clarity and one process at a time, the Google Home is able to understand questions and commands easier and make for a more convenient product.

Multi-Room Audio

Google Home is miles ahead in this regard, with the ability to play more than one Google enabled speaker or system from the one device. The Google Home could even let you blast music in every room of the house using the one hub, an area where other systems have fallen flat.

Google Home Design Colors

Personalized Appearance

Although this doesn’t impact the technology, the Google Home will feature a range of color choices and materials so users can customize the product to meet their home décor and individual tastes.