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Multi-room Audio: How To Fill Your Home with Sound

For a long time, the pinnacle of a home’s audio system was the hi-fi unit in the living room or study. These expensive stereo monsters were great for those who wanted to listen to their music (or movies!)

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Kodi vs Plex: Two Enter, One Leaves

Quick Answer Kodi and Plex both started life as XBMC, but today the two solutions couldn’t be more different.Both are excellent and the choice is down to your preferences more than any technical

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Music Services That Play With Alexa

Amazon would love nothing more than for you to only play their content over an Alexa-powered device, but the reality is that no single music service is going to have all the content you want and Amazon

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Use Your Sonos as an Echo Dot Speaker

The Amazon Echo Dot and its cousins are becoming a very hot item and millions of people are finding out what it feels like to have an intelligent AI interface always within earshot. The Dot itself is

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OK Google, Work with Sonos

The smart speaker revolution is in full swing. Amazon and Google are facing off in a big way with their AI-infused speakers that promise to become the heart of your home automation system. The rather pedestrian-sounding

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Get Meshed with Google WiFi

Oh look, Google has released another “Google” thing. Say hello to Google WiFi, the latest product from our beloved tech overlords promising to solve all our problems. What’s this? Google WiFi will

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The LIFX Guide: Finally See the Light

Ever since Thomas Edison helped popularized electric light the world has never been the same. Freed from the expensive candle industry, people could stay awake for longer. Study, laugh and live in the

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Google Home Easter Eggs To Bring A Smile To Your Face

Like any technological arms race, the battle for home automation supremacy is being waged by the biggest names in the industry. Arguably the biggest kid on the block, Google, has an admirable entry into

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The HomePod Has Landed: Let’s Talk about the “Siri Speaker”

In a move that’s only surprising because of its lateness, Apple has announced its own entry into the world of AI-powered speakers. In direct competition with Amazon Echo and Google Home products, we

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Welcome to the (Amazon Echo) Show!

I see you Amazon. You’ve been sneaky about your home automation conquest, but now there’s no hiding anymore. In the beginning, you were just keeping up with Apple and Google, with your little speakers

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The Amazon Echo Look: An Eye for Detail

To say that the Amazon Echo has been popular would be a bit of an understatement. To date more than 11 million of these humble AI speakers have been sold to consumers. The home of Amazon’s digital assistant

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Make the Most of Philips Hue Scenes

Philips has lead the charge when it comes to mainstream smart lighting solutions. The Hue lights are (relatively) affordable and very easy to use. While it’s cool that you can remotely control your Hue

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The Top 107 Websites Leading The Smart Home IoT Revolution Awards

With the invention of some really amazing new smart devices, IoT and smart home technology is exploding. It's become so popular in fact, that the amount of websites covering the topic right now is expanding

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Using Google Home with IFTTT

The Google Home speaker is an attractive and affordable home for the Google Assistant to live. Like the Echo speakers from Amazon, all you have to do is say the word and the Assistant will control elements

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What Is A TV Box?

TVs are awesome. This is a technology that has changed our lives completely over the last century. It’s changed how we learn, how we entertain ourselves and how we stay in touch with what’s happening

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Making Magic with Google Home and Chromecast Integration

Just about everybody loves the first Iron Man movie starring Robert Downey Jnr, but one of the other big stars of that movie was the AI home automation assistant Jarvis. Jarvis captured the imagination

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The Best and Most Hilarious Amazon Echo Easter Eggs

Who doesn’t like a good surprise? Well, probably you, since you clicked on this article, but the rest of us find delight in uncovering secrets in things. So it’s also a good thing that programmers

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The Best Amazon Echo Accessories For 2017

With so many great accessories for the Amazon Echo, it’s tough to figure out what to get.In this guide, I’ve selected the best Amazon Alexa accessories in each category for your Echo and for your

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How Does an Android TV Box Actually Work?

Ever heard of the “cord cutter” movement? It’s an ongoing trend of people breaking off their relationships with cable companies and switching over to streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu exclusively. It’s

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