This revolutionary light bulb by MagicLight is the way of the future, with the ability to fully customize your lighting scheme from the palm of your hand. The MagicLight Bluetooth is the latest game changer in the world of smart home devices, with a simple LED light bulb which gives you multi colored and energy efficient lighting changes to meet your desired atmosphere.

Simply install the MagicLight Bulb into your home with a quick and easy setup, then control the bulb with your Smartphone or tablet. Not only does this revolutionary light bulb control the mood of the room, but you can use it to turn on and off automatically, play music from a range of apps, and use pre-programmed modes to change the atmosphere.

Create Your Mood with MagicLight

Whether you want to entertain guests for a party or set something more relaxing when you’re chilling at home, the MagicLight bulb has you covered. With over 16 million color choices to select from, you’ll have more fun experimenting with the moods you can create than enjoying the bulb itself.

MagicLight Bluetooth Smart Light Color Picker App

The simple LED lightbulb ushers in the new wave of smart home systems and is set to change home lighting forever. MagicLight lets you change your mood, improve your outlook, and relax in style all with the one device.


  • These bulbs have the ability to be extremely bright to suit situations where you need a lot of lighting, or very dull as if you have a professional dimmer switch installed.
  • The easiest and cheapest way to change the entire feel of a room in your home without needing to renovate or add more furniture.
  • Has some great automatic functions such as vacation lights which can be programmed to set your lights on and off while you’re away, helping to deter burglars.

MagicLight Light Bulb and Smartphone App


  • The app for this bulb is still a little jumpy and there are a few bugs which need to be straightened out. When it’s working well though it does the job right.


Who knew that a simple light bulb could have so much impact on your home? The MagicLight Blue LED Light Bulb has the ability to transform moods, entertain with music, and even keep unwanted house guests away while you’re on vacation.

With up to 20,000 hours of life, it’s extremely good value for money, considering the entertainment value it has. This bulb can be adjusted to suit a relaxing evening at home, or even timed with your music if you’re holding a party and want a disco effect.MagicLight Led Lightbulb and Package

The MagicLight Blue LED Light Bulb is one of the simplest ways to dip your toes into the latest home automation craze and one that will have you wanting to try more of this amazing technology. With over 16 million color choices at your fingertips, it’s clear that this device signals the way of the future for home décor and entertainment. Get your MagicLight Blue LED Light Bulb by clicking here.

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