To maximize the comfort of your home and do it with absolute convenience, the Nest Learning Thermostat is the device for you. This revolutionary smart home device allows you to wirelessly control the temperature of your home from anywhere using a tablet, smartphone or computer.

Never again suffer through the wait as you desperately rush to cool or heat your home, as the Nest Learning Thermostat can do it for you. Imagine walking through the door each day to ideal temperatures, without needing to lift a finger. The automatic settings learn how you like things and will cater to your specific needs.

Good for Your Home and the Environment

The Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the simplest ways to help our planet’s health. When you’re gone, the settings can be adjusted so that it saves energy, reducing your power bills each day and doing less damage to the environment through energy 

Studies have shown that the revolutionary Nest Learning Thermostat can save over 10% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills, and it’s all possible with this compact and genius device. Within just two years from purchase, the Nest will have paid for itself in saved energy costs alone.


  • This system can be accessed by more than one smartphone or tablet so you’re able to share the device with everyone at home, even if they’re planning to come home early or late.
  • As you can manage your home’s energy while you’re not there, you are able to save a lot on bills and protect the environment while you do it.
  • Although advertised to take 30 minutes to install, it was actually a lot simpler at around 10 minutes total.


  • The actual room temperature is quite hard to read on this system, so for those who like to know what it’s currently at you will have problems reading it.


The Nest Learning Thermostat works almost flawlessly to provide your home with absolute control over temperature. With the ability to change settings and turn your heating or cooling on and off when you’re not home, you can save yourself hundreds over its lifetime in saved energy costs.

For those who live in cold climates or very hot ones, this system is absolutely necessary for ensuring your home is at a comfortable temperature when you arrive. With the ability to share the control with others if you wish, you can give everyone control so that it can meet the needs of the last to leave for the day and the first to arrive home.

The slight issues can be fixed with updates from Nest, such as the ability to read the current temperature more clearly, so this isn’t a deal breaker. Overall, the Nest Learning Thermostat is a top pick for a smart home device that allows you to adjust temperatures for comfort and convenience. To modernize the way your home heats and cools, purchase the Nest Learning Thermostat here.