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Lifx vs Hue – The Ultimate Showdown

QUICK ANSWER Lifx and Hue are two of the top rated smart light products available on the market today.These are both great options for adding brightness, color, and ambiance throughout your home.Lifx

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The Best Soundbars Under 200

Attempting to improve your home entertainment setup without going over budget?When choosing the best soundbar under 200 dollars it’s most important to consider what kind of connectivity options you

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Best Audiophile Headphones

The Worlds Best Audiophile Headphones

Are you looking for the best audiophile headphones on the market?Buying new headphones sounds simple enough. However, finding a pair that delivers the combination of amazing sound quality you’re looking

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Unleash Your Sonos with IFTTT

Sonos really makes some of the best-sounding home audio solutions you can buy and for many years when someone talked about a “smart” speaker it was almost always a product from Sonos that they were

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The Best Amazon Echo Accessories For 2017

With so many great accessories for the Amazon Echo, it’s tough to figure out what to get.In this guide, I’ve selected the best Amazon Alexa accessories in each category for your Echo and for your

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What Is An Android TV Box?

Television has been with us for a long time. It’s been just over 90 years since John Logie Baird first demonstrated the technology and over those decades TV has reinvented itself over and over again. In

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The Best Outdoor Speakers In 2017 – Turn Your Boring Backyard Into “The Best Party Ever!”

Outdoor speakers used to be simple.Find something that sounds good and wire it up.Today with music streaming and whole house audio setups like Sonos there is more to consider.Come along with me and I

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Android TV Box Reviews – 2017 Edition

Android TV has a great, easy to use interface that’s open to any tech company that wants to use it to make their own TV box.On one hand that’s great because that gives us options but it’s not so

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Are WiFi Booster Apps Worth It?

People have a long and rich history of selling snake oil to each other. There’s nothing like a cheap and seemingly simple solution that’s got a nice far subjective component to it to fleece people

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The 7 Best Speakers For Amazon’s Echo Dot in 2017

There are some speakers that won’t work with the Echo Dot.To save you from accidentally purchasing something that you would have to send back, I’ve compiled this list of great speakers that work

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Best Bluetooth FM Transmitters For Your Car – Drive Into The Future

You’re faced with a decision.You want... no... you need to listen to music in your car from your favorite spotify playlist but you simply can’t.That’s because your older model car doesn’t have

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The Best Bluetooth Speakers For Under 50 Dollars

Did you know that there’s a way to figure out how good (or bad) a Bluetooth speaker will sound without actually hearing it? This is important in our search for the best budget Bluetooth speaker because

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45 Running, Fitness & Bodybuilding Experts Share Their Best Workout Songs To Get You Motivated Today!

I had a problem recently. I was at the gym a few weeks ago and realized that I have been listening to the same songs over and over again for the last several years!I decided it was time to get some fresh

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These Are The Very Best Wireless Earbuds For 2017

Problem.You want to buy some new wireless earbuds but you have no idea how they sound.You don't even know if they'll fit because... You can’t try them on in the store.I mean, I’m not sticking

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Amazon Echo vs. Google Home – What You Need To Know

With a two-year head start, you’d think that the Amazon Echo would be the clear winner over the relatively young Google Home… and you’d be right. Echo currently owns the market that it invented. Google

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The Best Wifi Travel Routers

Ok so you’re traveling for work or going on your dream vacation. Now how do you make sure that you can connect to the internet while you’re out globetrotting?Unreliable internet connections are common

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Best Smart Refrigerators

Best Smart Refrigerators For 2017 I’m going to be honest here… When it came time to write smart refrigerator reviews for the site I was a bit less than excited. I mean it’s just a fridge right? Wrong! I

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Best Smart Home Systems For 2017; DIY Smart Home Automation Kits

Best Smart Home Automation Systems For 2017 Two years ago, for my birthday I got an Amazon Echo Dot. I immediately got hooked on its smart home abilities. I started out with smart lights and ended up

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Nest Learning Thermostat on a Table next to Books

Nest Learning Thermostat

To maximize the comfort of your home and do it with absolute convenience, the Nest Learning Thermostat is the device for you. This revolutionary smart home device allows you to wirelessly control the temperature

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