Ring Video doorbells help you avoid solicitors, discourage burglars, and can prevent someone from stealing your packages.

It’s a reasonably priced, simple to setup front door security system that can easily integrate with your smart home.

All models accomplish these basic tasks but there are some key differences. Let’s take a look...

Best Video Quality

Ring Pro

Our Rating

Excellent Video Quality

Price: See Here

Ring 2

Our Rating

Mid Range Video Quality

Price: See Here


Original Ring

Our Rating

Best Value

Price: See Here

Bottom Line Up Front:

If you’re in a rush, here are the main reasons to purchase one product over the other.


  • The Ring Video Doorbell is the original Ring. It’s more affordable than other Ring doorbells plus has the widest field of vision. The video quality isn’t as sharp as the others, however.

Ring 2

  • The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is the updated version of the original Ring. It boasts some improvements, and it also comes with a higher price tag than the Ring.

Ring Pro

  • The Ring Video Doorbell Pro takes video monitoring and security to the next level with advanced motion detection.

Traditional doorbells alert you when someone is at your door, wanting something from you. Gone are the days when you’d have to hide and risk missing someone you want to see or answer the door and risk dealing with something you’d rather avoid.

Ring smart doorbells let you see who’s pestering you. Beyond that, they’re a security measure that can help you feel protected.

Some people like the ability to check on that odd noise in the middle of the night without approaching the door. Others appreciate the ability to check on packages delivered to their doorstop.

You don’t even have to be home to check on the front of your house. Your Ring doorbell will alert you if it detects motion, and you can investigate through your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer wherever you are.  

You don’t even have to be home to use the two-way audio system to talk to someone trying to peer into your windows. You can start a conversation using the Ring app on your device, and the person near the Ring video doorbell will hear you and can respond. This can be a successful deterrent to would-be burglars, as they won’t know if your house is empty.

Smart products like video doorbells can make our lives easier, safer, and more fun. They can also make life stressful when we first set out to buy, install, and use them. To help make your smart doorbell selection process smooth, we’ve reviewed three popular Ring video doorbells.

We’ll show you their features, so you can decide which one is best for your needs.                                                                                                                 

Ring Vs Ring 2 Vs Ring Pro - When to Choose Each Ring Video Doorbell

All Ring video doorbells share these important features:

- Live feeds you can view on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop
- Wi-Fi connection
- Two-way audio communication
- The ability to connect with neighbors through the app to share videos and exchange safety information
- Motion detection (either basic or advanced, depending on model)
- Infrared night vision
- Connection compatibility with Amazon Alexa or Alexa-enabled Echo and Google Home
- Integrate with other security cameras like Arlo or Nest

Aside from these primary features, each Ring video doorbell differs slightly in what it offers. Here’s a look at each one to help you decide which one is right for you.

Ring Video Doorbells: Specs At-a-Glance

Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Power Source

Battery or Hardwired

Battery or Hardwired

Hardwired Only


802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection at 2.4GHz

802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection at 2.4GHz

802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection at 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz

Wi-Fi Requirement

Min. upload speed of 500 kbps, but 1 Mbps is recommended

Min. upload speed of 1Mbps, but 2Mbps is recommended

Min. upload speed of 1Mbps, but 2Mbps is recommended


4.98 in. x 2.43 in. x .87 in.(12.65cm x 6.17cm x 2.21cm)

5.05 in. x 2.50 in. x 1.08 in.(12.83cm x 6.35cm x 2.74cm)

4.50 in. x 1.85 in. x .80 in.(11.43cm x 4.67cm x 2.03cm)

Operating Conditions

-5⁰F to 120⁰F
(-20⁰C to 48.5⁰C)
Weather Resistant

-5°F to 120°F(-20.5°C to 48.5°C)
Weather Resistant

-5°F to 120°F(-20.5°C to 48.5°C) 
Weather Resistant

Important note: Your WiFi's upload speed is crucial for your video doorbell to work well. If your WiFi connection is too slow, the system can’t deliver. Video will upload so slowly that you miss whatever was happening at your door, the video quality will be very poor, or both.

Recording and Cloud Storage

The Ring, Ring 2, and Ring Pro video doorbells all provide live streaming to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop via an app. You can tune in at any time, and you can also respond to alerts. When the system senses motion or when someone rings the doorbell, Ring sends you a notification, so you can view or talk to the person at your door.

The Ring cameras also record and upload your footage to your private cloud account. Here, you can view video alerts that you missed or that you want to watch again. Alerts are stored for 60 days.

These are your files, so you can download what you’d like to save and use them how you wish. Share them with neighbors for the sake of neighborhood safety and security. You can share them with law enforcement. You can even put them on social media.

There is a minimal charge for this service. The cost is $30 per year if you pay upfront or pay $3 monthly. 

You’re not required to purchase cloud storage to use the Ring; however, without a Ring cloud account, your video doorbells functionality will be severely restricted. You’ll receive alerts that you must respond to immediately to see. If you miss them, there’s no way to review them. And because no footage is kept, you miss video evidence of any problems (such as a package being stolen, an intruder trying to break in, or other such dangers).

Ring in a New Era

In early March, 2018, Amazon bought the Ring company (Get Ready for Alexa to Greet You at the Doorstep). It’s capitalizing on Alexa’s potential as the hub of home and life.

Ring already has the ability to integrate with Alexa, Google Home, and other smart home devices like door locks and lights. Under Amazon’s ownership, the Ring video doorbells have even more potential to be assimilated into an entire smart home system.

One of the Ring’s best features is the view it can capture. The range this camera can record is 180⁰, the widest angle of the family of Ring video doorbells. This means that you’ll see not just what’s happening in front of the lens but straight out to the sides as well.

Your doorbell captures movement and alerts you on your phone and/or tablet. With a live feed, you can talk to the person at your door, whether it’s friend, foe, or the person delivering your package. 

Basic motion detection captures motion in predesigned zones rather than in custom areas. Using your app, you select the areas your camera will record from a standard set of choices. This makes things nice and simple and is perfect if you simply want to monitor what’s going on in front of your door.

With the Ring Video Doorbell, you can choose your power. The Ring can be hardwired into your existing doorbell wiring or skip the wiring and use battery power.

Installation is simple. The required screws and mounting bracket are included and, because you have the choice to use battery power, wiring is optional, not required. This means that you can begin using your system immediately rather than spending time wiring your doorbell.

Recharge the lithium polymer battery (included) by removing the doorbell and sticking it on the charger. Advertised battery life between charges is 6-12 months, but real-world people report that it typically lasts for just a few months before needing a recharge. Monitor charge with your smartphone app. 


  • check
    Super simple to install and use—a refreshing change from some high-tech security products
  • check
    Adjust the sensitivity level to pick up more motion or less (you probably don’t want alerts every time a car drives past but likely do want human motion to trigger an alert)
  • check
    See live stream while the system records it for later review 
  • check
    Noise cancellation makes the two-way communication crystal clear


  • If you want to hear the chime inside your house, you must wire it to your existing doorbell system (or purchase chime pro)
  • At 720p HD, the original Ring has the lowest video image quality. You’ll still be able to discern faces, but the quality won’t be extraordinarily sharp and clear
  • You must remove the doorbell to charge it, leaving your home without a video doorbell for several hours.

​Ring updated some of the features of its original video doorbell to create the Ring 2. The original is still popular and effective, so it remains available, too. The Ring 2 has some qualities that you might want to consider as you make your buying decision.

Your doorbell captures movement and alerts you on your phone and/or tablet. With a live feed, you can talk to the person at your door, whether it’s friend, foe, or the person delivering your package. 

Perhaps the most noticeable change is the video quality. The Ring 2 boasts 1080p HD video quality. This makes the footage more enjoyable to watch, but it has a bigger, practical benefit. When you watch the live stream or recordings, faces and details will be easier to discern.

The other significant update involves the battery. Ring 2’s batteries are easier to charge than those of the original Ring. Rather than removing the doorbell and charging the entire unit, with the Ring 2 you just remove a battery pack, charge it, and reconnect it to the unit.

The batteries are user-friendly, but if you really dislike dealing with batteries, you have the option to hardwire the Ring 2 to your existing doorbell. The wires are easy to attach, making connecting your new system to your existing one a snap.

Installation is a breeze. Simply mount it where you want it, and if you’re using battery power, you’re good to go. If you’re wiring it, remove your old doorbell, attach the wires, fasten the Ring in place, and it’s ready to start videoing. 


  • check
    You can buy replacement batteries to swap out, so your streaming is never interrupted for charging
  • check
    Sharp visual images
  • check
    Clear audio takes frustration out of the 2-way communication
  • check
    Adjust the sensitivity so you receive alerts for motion you want rather than cars driving by on the street


  • At 160⁰, the camera’s field of view isn’t as wide as the Ring’s, so it captures less 
  • Basic motion detection means that your choices for monitored areas are pre-set rather than customizable
  • If you are wiring into an existing doorbell system that is digital, extra steps are necessary

The Ring pro is all about the motion and the video. This video doorbell uses advanced motion detection. Unlike the original Ring and Ring 2, the Ring Pro lets you customize your field of motion rather than merely selecting from predesigned motion areas.

This lets you tailor your camera to your home and property. See what you want to see, where you want to see it. 

Like the Ring 2, the Ring Pro boasts high-end video quality (1080p HD), so you can easily discern details like facial features, clothing, and unique characteristics. The Ring Video Doorbells are often used for home security, and the video is of high enough quality to be of use to police departments.

Without a battery option, the installation process requires wiring into your existing doorbell system. It’s a fairly simple process of connecting the Ring Pro’s wires to the existing wires in your old doorbell. 


  • check
    Advanced motion detection lets you create custom motion zones for optimal monitoring
  • check
    High-definition video
  • check
    No batteries to charge


  • The camera captures images 160⁰ horizontally from the center, which seems too narrow for its sophisticated motion-sensing capabilities
  • Hardwiring is required 
  • If you don’t need the advanced motion detection, the higher cost might not be worth it

Conclusion: Ringing the Final Bell

These three video doorbells by Ring are excellent products for keeping your doorstep secure and allowing you to answer the door with your phone, tablet, or desktop. You don’t have to be at your door because your Ring will be there for you.

Buying a video doorbell is a big deal, and many people want to know which of these Ring products is the best. While it’s a legitimate question, it’s one that doesn’t have a definitive answer.

Each of the three video doorbells by Ring is a high-quality product. It might be more useful to think in terms of what is the best Ring doorbell for your needs and lifestyle rather than what product is better in general.

If you are looking for a basic video doorbell that does a great job for a relatively low cost, the original Ring may be the option for you. Also, if you’re looking for a video doorbell with the widest field of view, the Ring is the one.

You might consider the Ring 2 if you want a high-quality video image without other bells and whistles. If you like the option of using battery power or hardwiring, the Ring 2 and the original Ring have this flexibility.

If you need to have greater control over the motion your video doorbell picks up, the Ring Pro might be the best option for you. And if you’re seeking high-end video quality, the Ring Pro and the Ring 2 both have sharp, high-definition images.

When you’re deciding which Ring video doorbell is right for you, it is helpful to consider the underlying support that makes the system function: How’s your WiFi speed? Will it support the Ring Pro’s speed requirements? Is you Wi-Fi connectivity and speed below top-notch and thus better suited for the original Ring?

Consider your preference for the power source. Does it matter to you if your video doorbell is battery-powered or hardwired?

If we absolutely had to pick the best of the three video doorbells, we’d probably choose the Ring 2. I like that it lets the user opt for battery power or hardwiring. It shares great features with the other two products, and the cost is reasonable and between the Ring and Ring Pro.

No matter which Ring video doorbell you ultimately choose, you can relax knowing that your new doorbell is doing its amazing part to protect you and your home. Have a video record of anyone poking around your door or peering in windows. Know when packages are delivered so you can get them inside sooner rather than later.

And of course, the Ring, Ring 2, and Ring Pro are doorbells. You can simply enjoy being able to answer your door from the couch or the grocery store. You’ll see who is there, you can talk to him or her, and he or she can talk to you. All without you having to get up and go to the door.


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