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The Safety Dance: Getting to Grips with Security Camera Apps

According to Professor Steven Pinker, the world is becoming a safer place, but even so, a responsible adult knows that you need to be active about your safety. Half the battle is knowing exactly what’s

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How To Secure Your Netgear Router In 5 Easy Steps

Securing your Netgear Wifi router is pretty straight forward. There are just a few simple steps that you need to take.It’s important because things have become really crazy lately and securing our wifi

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17 Lockdown Strategies To Secure Your WiFi Network From Hackers

​The number of devices that connect to your home wifi network is exploding. Gone are the days of just worrying about spammers blowing up your PC with unwanted popup ads.Even if you have the best home

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Smart Home Alarm System can Save Your Life

As our homes become smarter, it makes sense that they also get better at protecting us and our families. While security cameras are a great tool for home automation that lets us keep a watch on things,

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Multiple Security Cameras on a Table

Using a Smart Video Camera System

Protecting our homes and families is often our first priority in life, and with good reason. The smart homes of the future will go to great lengths to ensure their safety while we’re away and in the

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Smart Home and Door Automation Devices

As the entryways to our homes, it makes sense that our front doors and garages have been a huge focus in the home automation revolution. Door automation comes in many forms, but its main purpose is to

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Smart Home Security Matrix Style

Smart Home Security with Home Automation

Not only is home automation handy for convenience and centralization of all devices, but this revolutionary technology is also set to change the way we protect our homes and families. Smart home security

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