A growing trend in home automation but one not yet as popular as other areas is windows automation. This innovative industry allows you to have remote or automatic control of your glass windows, blinds, and shades, for optimal comfort and convenience.

While being able to control your shades and windows with a single device is handy, the innovative industry is also focused on using natural energy to heat and cool your home without relying on other devices.

As our windows trap a lot of heat, they can greatly impact the temperature and conditions within our home. Likewise, having a room shaded is an effective way to cut down on cooling costs before resorting to an air conditioning system. These window automation systems work to provide these solutions so that you don’t need to worry about them.

Features of Windows Automation

Just as our lighting and media needs can be connected to the Internet of Things, so too can everyday home devices such as windows and shades. By syncing our automated windows with other devices in the home, such as heating and cooling systems or smart home security, they can all work together to provide us with an ideal temperature when we need it most.

Controling Window Blinds with Smartphone

These smart windows can be controlled either individually or simultaneously from the one single access point, taking the hassle out of manually adjusting blinds or opening windows when needed. Modern sensors can also detect things such as rain, hail, snow, and wind, adjusting the windows accordingly and automatically.

To control your windows automation, there may be a panel, app for your phone, dials, or even voice activation. You can set your windows or blinds to open at certain points of the day, for example at a wake-up time of your choosing so the sun can act as a natural alarm each morning.

Home Automation Windows

These smart glass windows often use an energy efficient type of glass that allows for optimal heating and cooling when required. The windows can be designed to be opened automatically with the touch of a button, allowing for fresh air when needed or protection from incoming rain or snow.

iBlinds Window Automation Components

Sensors in the glass can alert the heating and cooling systems within your home of their temperature, and these devices work together seamlessly to create the ideal setting for your house. You can schedule them to prepare for your arrival, or set them to save energy while you’re out of the home for the day.

Automated Window Shades and Blinds

Some people may prefer their windows automation to focus only on shades, blinds, and curtains, leaving the automatic windows to a more complex smart home. Thankfully, there are many simple devices available that allow you control of your automated window blinds and shades from the palm of your hand, and they’re easy to install and use.

Woman Controling Blinds over Smartphone Using iBlinds

There are generally two options for automated window shades: retrofit or motorized. Retrofit shades are the cheaper but less effective, while motorized shades are installed from the ground up and built for more convenience.

Automated windows shades can be controlled using voice activation, or work automatically on their own depending on the time of day and other factors. Outside weather will also determine the status of your shades, as they can provide natural light when ideal or help to cool the home on a particularly hot day by closing the shades.

The Benefits of Windows Automation

Although still a relatively unknown market of smart home devices, windows automation is set to gain popularity as their ability to integrate with other products improves.

Money Out the Window Illustration

However, the current range of windows automation solutions still have some great benefits to the homeowner.

  • Saves money – Windows can be the number one cause for trapping heat in summer and allowing it to escape in winter, meaning you need to adjust your climate control to suit these conditions. With windows automation, you can schedule your blinds and windows to save energy and do as much as they can before it’s necessary for expensive heating and cooling systems to step in.
  • Convenience – Especially for those in larger homes with multiple windows, having the ability to control your shades and windows from a central access point or your smartphone can save you hours over the year. These automated windows contain sensors so there often isn’t a need for you to even bother adjusting them yourself if you wish.
  • Home protection – Windows automation uses sensors which detect rain, hail, sun, snow, and wind, so that they can automatically close or open to protect your home from harsh weather conditions. When you’re away, you’re able to control your blinds so unwanted intruders can’t see inside your house, so they’re a great safety feature to have too.
  • Comfort – Having your smart home set at an ideal temperature all year round provides you and your family with undeniable comfort. Because windows automation takes the guesswork out of heating and cooling, you’re guaranteed a perfect climate no matter the time of year.

Windows Automation in the Smart Home

Not only is windows automation an innovative and smart device to have on its own, but smart homes of now and the future can also integrate these devices in with the rest of your house. Smart windows can be linked to your security systems, triggering them to go off when you arrive home or close the blinds as you leave. Your morning schedule can be aided with the use of natural light in your bedroom and around the home as you wake up each morning, adding to the comfort of your daily routine.

Opening Window with WAY Window Automation

Windows automation can work with your climate control systems to achieve the best and most energy-efficient temperatures, saving you thousands in energy bills over the years. Although a relatively untapped market of smart homes, window automation is one of the most important solutions you can have.